10 ways to use a Book Trailer




 1) Uploading your video to Youtube OR Facebook is a perfect way to share your book with not just your family and friends, but also potential book publishers, and also potential customers or readers of your great story.





2)Having your book trailer on your website home page can also increase the length of time visitors remain on your site by up to 88%.



 3) Sharing via social media is also effective, as many of your existing readers will have already connected with you through these channels, and the shareable nature of videos makes it very easy for others to spread the word for you.


4) Keep it visible during promotion by pinning it to the top of your social media pages.


5) Amazon and Goodreads will also allow you to upload a book trailer directly onto your author profile and book’s page, meaning you have further means to capture reader’s attention.

6) There are also book trailer dedicated websites including www.bookreels.com that drive traffic to specific genres.


7) You need to think strategically about placing the trailer on sites where your book-buyers frequent. If you have articles or a blog tour where you can increase the chances of your book trailer being seen and shared, be sure to let the site owners know that they can embed the book trailer to gather interest.


8) If your existing books are available on Kindle, you can easily include a link to your book trailers at the end, tempting readers to immediately purchase the next in the series or your most recent offering.




9) We are visual in nature. What do you remember more, a photo of a book cover or a 1 minute commercial? We remember the commercial longer because it has a better chance at creating an impact in our brains. Place your book trailer on twitter.

10) We love stories. If you think about it a commercial or book trailer is a story with moving video or images. A summary of your characters and story will do nothing but EXCITE potential readers to check out your book. Once we create your book trailer place it on instagram.


A good book trailer should not tell the entire contents of the book. Instead it should create suspense and visually stimulate the reader, enticing them to make a purchase, or at the very least, keep them interested in your work in the future. This growth in book trailers is allowing authors to reach a widening audience, and keeping your name visible in an overcrowded market.



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