Why Book Trailers are a Fantasy Writers' Best Friend?

Why Book Trailers are a Fantasy Writers' Best Friend


Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Horror, does any genre benefit more from a book trailer than a fantasy or sci-fi book?

When you think of fantasy or sci-fi scenes when reading a book or even trying to sell a book what do you think of? If your friend walked up to you and said they finished their fantasy novel, you probably think of far away distant worlds with 3 suns, 2 moons, or a city floating in the sky. Of all the genres of books and writing, fantasy is by far the most visual. 


So why don't more writers and authors utilize a book trailer for their books? Colorful worlds dominate many of the fantasy books out there. The genre of fantasy is a world building one. A comedy writer can just rely on dialogue, scenarios, to tell their story. Romance authors only need 2 people who meet, fall in love, break up, then get back together. Fantasy writers have a unique mission to not just have fully fleshed out characters with motivations, desires, needs and great character arcs, but the world in which they inhabit must also be fully fleshed out whether the setting is in the past in (Middle Earth) or on a newly discovered planet next to a wormhole. 


Another way that your fantasy book can stand apart from the crowd through the use of a book trailer is with "music."


Music you may ask. How does music in a book trailer help me sell more of my fantasy books? Well music has long been proven to be not just therapeutic and relax some who have anxieties, but has often been proven to increase endorphins, hormones, and our overall thought towards what we see. Which is why when you go to a gym you often see herds of people on treadmills with headphones on listening to music. It motivates and inspires them. When people see your fantasy book trailer and then hear the amazing music behind it, it sets their mind toward wanting to read your book or story as much as what they see. Take these examples below.



Below are 2 book trailers, one with one type of music behind it, and another with another- lol. Take a look and make sure the "volume" is up so you can hear them.






Notice the difference in sound in the 2 book trailers? I'm sure you did. One you felt ready to escape the planet and seek out the next adventure. The other you felt, well a little different. As a fantasy writer you work hard to bring every little detail to light, show your environments in your story in the best possible way which is why you want to make sure you use every tool in your tool belt to spread your story and a good book trailer showcasing your book will do just that. 


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